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Looking to learn more about nonprofit best practices, hot topics, and more? You've come to the right place - check out our blog posts below! 

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The fourth week in June is now Celebrate Nonprofits Week! Economic impact is a byproduct of the work nonprofits do. The sector exists to serve our community and the common good. The sector impacts much of our lives as Americans, even if we don’t know it or think about it. Celebrate nonprofits during the Week and always!

What does Governor Wolf's Yellow Phase mean for nonprofits in Erie County? It's not an easy question to answer. Consider these points and questions when thinking "To Open or Not to Open?"

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”? Not so for the most buzzed-about component of the Coronavirus Relief, Aid, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the Paycheck Protection Program. Once you’ve calculated your maximum loan amount, decoded the mysteries of the borrower form, and wrangled a signature from your Executive Director, you may be over the hump—but you’re not done just yet. Here are three tips for successfully completing the loan application process.

We are truly in unprecedented times. Flexibility and adaptation are the new norm and will be for quite a while. While this new norm will change the way we do our work, it should also inform our conversations with the donors and funders who have generously supported us—especially how we deal with funding commitments made before this extraordinary crisis. The key to all of this? Communication.

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? You're not alone! Check out this quick (less than 15 minutes) video for four super helpful Google Chrome Extensions you should add to your online toolbox... now!

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting every aspect of our lives—including the ability of our nonprofits to do their work. The shutdown will have a dramatic impact on nonprofits and their ability to function in the long term. What is the best way to mitigate this effect? Fundraising. Check out these 7 strategies now!

The COVID-19 pandemic is one that changes day to day - keep in the loop with your Nonprofit Partnership to remain up to speed on tips and information for nonprofits to best fight through this time of uncertainty.

In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to be proactive, communicate effectively, and ask the tough questions. Read on for more on how your organization should respond to the threat of coronavirus.

The Erie Community Foundation (ECF)'s Helping Today grants are integral to the success of many local nonprofits. So, what is typically addressed by successful applicants? Let ECF's grant guru (aka Program Officer with the Community Impact team), Rachel, fill you in!

Change is coming, whether you're ready or not. Whereas it won't be easy, Emma Kieran of Pilot Peak Consulting has some advice for you as you navigate the waters of the inevitable.

Rebranding is simple, right? Pick some colors you like and a new graphic for your logo and you're set. WRONG! Rebranding is a tough but necessary process. Check out these 4 tips to help you persevere through the rebranding adventure.

Marketing is ever-changing. We don’t have to just light up the bat signal and hope the right people see it. We can craft custom messaging and target it to just the right audience. Is your superhero squad prepared for your next marketing campaign? Let Mike Richwalsky help lead your team to battle with 3 ways to superpower your next marketing campaign!

To secure the commitment to strategically develop a diverse board, current leaders must be given a new vision for how a diverse board will make the organization stronger. This blog will provide 5 reasons why a diverse board makes your organization strong plus an impetus to take your organization to new heights!

Not only are nonprofit staff underpaid, but there's also a nonprofit pay gap. The first step is admitting there's a problem. Once you've done that, you're that much closer to solving it. Check out these four ideas to help close the nonprofit pay gap!

You can start fresh with fundraising even if you have years under your fundraising belt. Learn about Abigayle Tobia's 5 simple steps to get you started and be sure to visit her session at Nonprofit Day 2019!

Events: every organization has one. But, do you have a stellar sponsorship prospectus, too? A sponsorship prospectus is a document that lays out all of the information a prospective sponsor needs to know in order to make a decision about whether they want to support your event. Get a taste of the new eBook by Erin Yates, "Creating a Stellar Sponsorship Prospectus" in this blog!

Your nonprofit should flex on fraud! Review this post to prioritize planning to align your organization in a positive path - Diane E. Edelstein, CPA, Partner with Maher Duessel, provides guidance and direction on a heavy topic.

At Nonprofit Day 2019 (October 29th -, Harbor Compliance will cover many aspects of nonprofit compliance. In the meantime, check out a preview of five frequently asked compliance questions you can be sure will be covered in their session at Nonprofit Day 2019 at the Bayfront Convention Center!

Erie Gives Day is a top fundraising mechanism for nonprofits in the Erie area. New for 2019: check contributions are being accepted! Take advantage of this new opportunity and strategize to raise more money for your nonprofit during Erie Gives 2019.

“You get what you pay for” applies to CEO pay, too. If you believe you can’t pay a new CEO what they’re worth, you will get what you pay for. To head off the disaster that's lurking in our nonprofits' leadership transition process, we need to fix the problem of CEO compensation.

Nonprofits must manage benefits like vacation time in a way that accomplishes what it should (healthier employees = increased productivity) while not imposing significant liabilities on the organization. This is one area where nonprofits can, and should, take the lead. 

When you have high-quality staff, your organization can better fulfill its mission and achieve the greatest impact. But no matter how much we invest in staff wages, it’s unlikely that the salaries we can offer will ever meet or exceed those available in the for-profit sector. So what’s the answer? How can we be more competitive? One answer is to emphasize non-salary compensation.

Nonprofits are dedicated to making the world a better place. This effort must include the health of our environment, too! Does going green sound like a daunting process to your organization? Let Guy McUmber of the Green Building Alliance walk you through the beginning steps.

All of us have been part of an organization that needs to change. So what do you do? How do you help an organization embrace change? While not simple, there is a manageable five-step process that will help you manage the change so that it doesn’t manage you. 

The Nonprofit Partnership recently conducted an unscientific (though still enlightening) survey of salary and benefit information at nonprofits in the northwestern Pennsylvania region. There are many things to learn from this survey but perhaps the number one is this: nonprofits do not pay their people enough!

If you’ve recently received a mysterious check made out to your nonprofit from an entity called Network for Good, you may have found yourself recalling a familiar adage: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” However, there are always exceptions to the rule. In this case, you’re in luck! Check out this blog post to learn how.

Investing in your staff is crucial to not only their own development, but to your organization’s success as well. This post will highlight 3 very important reasons to invest in employee development and why your organization needs to view employee development as a smart investment.

In an era of unpredictable funding streams, you don’t want to test your organization’s donor love. Take these small steps to maximize your nonprofit's online donation page and to nurture your relationship with those who care about your cause.

It's important for leaders to watch what they say - words can have impact, even when there is no intention to do so! Check out this post for seven things that leaders need to avoid saying.

"Your most senior and loyal volunteers are thinking about including your organization in their plans for the last donation they will ever make. It is fundamentally important to connect these folks to your mission." Let Kimberley MacKenzie help you to jumpstart your organization's legacy program!

Have you ever heard of the WAR (Wins Above Replacement) measurement? This baseball statistic is applicable in the workplace in regards to self-evaluation, leadership evaluation, and staff development. Read this article to learn how!

I think we can all agree that we work hard. But do we always work smart? An annual fundraising plan (AFP) can help fundraisers do just that: Work smarter. Check out this blog post for tips from Jeff Bagel, CFRE!

How can we leverage the power and potential of digital storytelling in order to take our audience from passive to active and create the maximum impact? Learn from Julia Campbell, the digital storytelling expert!

One thing that rings true for all of Erie’s nonprofits – no matter our purpose or size, we are all on tight schedules and tighter budgets. With this in mind, I have decided to become an apps and tools aficionado. That being said, I want to share five of my favorite Google Chrome Extension apps with you!

Preparing for Erie Gives Day is not a passive process. Your organization needs to take an enthusiastic and strategic position. That being said, we recently created a comprehensive check list to prepare newer organizations (or people new to an organization) for Erie Gives - be sure to check it out!

For the most part, nonprofit Board meetings are focused on operations and not strategy. We must change the way that meetings are crafted to change this trend. This article outlines four ways in which you can re-frame your Board meetings so that you have interesting, engaging, and meaningful discussions.

Nonprofit professionals oftentimes wear many different hats within their position. Are you an accidental marketer for your nonprofit? Check out this article to be directed to the "Design Basics for Nonprofits" ebook!

You may believe that what you do off the clock shouldn’t concern any of your professional connections. But just as you have a right to post about whatever you want to, so too does every boss, coworker, and future employer have a right to pass judgment.

We assume that CEOs, managers, and staff regularly reflect on their effectiveness and seek out professional development opportunities to improve their work. We should have the same expectation of the most important entity of a nonprofit—the Board.

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