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Discover How to Unlock the Leader Within

Pride and Purpose is the perfect theme for the Keystone Nonprofit Conference and I am honored to be speaking at this great event.

Nonprofits are hardworking, and often the members go without recognition. Yet these hardworking people are proud of their accomplishments because they genuinely believe in the organization’s Purpose.

Even in these noble nonprofit organizations, challenges still arise amongst leadership and employees. Why is that? Because we are human.

At times though, people get stuck in the type of work they are doing, even if they are working at a nonprofit organization. According to the Gallup World poll, 70% of people don’t like their work.

About ten years ago, I was an individual contributor. I was working hard, head down but no longer enjoying my job. I wanted more. I knew I wanted to make a difference on a larger scale. I wanted to lead and help people in my organization. I was looking for Purpose. The job I was doing at the time wasn’t fulfilling. I felt lost on my journey. I needed to do something to change my path.

I then start making inquiries about leadership opportunities. I scheduled a meeting with a senior executive to explain that I am interested in a management role. After giving him my pitch, he thanked me and said he was delighted that I expressed interest in management because he would have never considered me for a management position. After a couple of seconds of shock, I ask why. He said that’s easy, “you never said anything.” That was a wake-up call.

We often ask ourselves, what is our Purpose? We want to leave a legacy that we are proud of, and we want to be seen and heard throughout our journey.

If you find yourself stuck in your career, it’s time to ‘Discover How to Unlock the Leader Within.’

I’m excited to share three secrets to empower you to get a seat at the table.

I want to share these secrets with you at the Keystone Nonprofit Conference!

I’ll give you some hints about what we are going to be talking about:

  1. You deserve nothing
  2. Seize the emotional surge and
  3. Crush your dreams

We’ll also talk about other things like:

  • Your boss will never tell you the real reason you’re getting passed up.
  • Take charge of your career development and advancement for good.
  • Employees who do everything right still struggle to move up the ladder.
  • How to uncover your blind spots through mentoring.
  • How to permanently eliminate doubt and insecurity on your next career step.

Six months after I had the conversation with that senior executive, I was moving into my new office as a manager.

I finally started taking action. Then I realized I was doing the same things with each promotion I earned, and I knew I had a purpose that I felt proud to share. My Purpose has evolved into my mission.

My mission is to eradicate the gender gap in the corporate world by empowering women in their careers.

Having Purpose makes all the difference in the world. Once you find your Purpose, you will feel Pride when doing a job well done.

Nonprofit organizations often stand for a social cause that provides a public benefit. They have Purpose and Pride!

I hope to see you at the 21st annual Keystone Nonprofit Conference!

Rosie Zilinskas is the Executive Career Coach behind the “No Woman Left Behind” brand, which includes the “No Woman Left Behind” podcast, career-building services, mentoring support group, and consultancy. She is also the co-author of the bestselling book, “Voices of Truth.” She is deeply passionate about supporting women advancing on equal footing within the corporate world.

As a bilingual storyteller, Rosie provides education, empowerment, training, and tools to women in the heart of their corporate careers, helping them to recapture money left on the table and to eliminate the gender gap in the workplace. As the Executive Vice President at a Fortune 500 insurance company, Rosie witnessed hundreds of women operating at and being compensated at levels far below their potential and is committed to changing the future of work for women everywhere.

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