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From Algorithms to Action: AI's Contribution to Nonprofit Efficiency

I like to think I’m somewhat technically advanced, but I will admit that I was slow to allow artificial intelligence (AI) into my life. There were a few thoughts that crossed my mind, like “what if the robots get mad at me and take me out when they inevitably take over the world?” or “isn’t it lazy to use AI?” or “does AI even work?” Well, I am here to quell your fears. AI is pretty neat and can help to save you, our nonprofit multiple-hat-wearing friend, some time.

So, how can AI help you? Can it write everything for you? Sure. Would it be good? No. I am a firm believer that AI should be your helper. Let a service like Chat GPT craft something to get your brain going – then, take it from there - adding your legit stats and your organization’s voice. Or draft something and have AI tweak it a few times, eventually merging the best together. 

Like any technology, the use of AI programs is only as good as what you put into it. The more prompts, directions, tweaks, revisions, etc., the better the output from your AI robot helper. Remember, AI is just a compilation of practices and resources humans have put out there. Humans can err, and so can AI. You are the expert or the insider who knows what motivates your donors, clients, or audiences, so use this highly advanced and exciting tool to complement your work, not replace it.

Here are a few quick examples as to how you can start using AI today:

1.    Chat GPT (FREE VERSION!)
Utilize Chat GBT to attack your writer’s block for things like social media posts, blog posts (did I even write this? You will never know…), donor acknowledgement letters, and more. Type a prompt into the box and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. 

Bonus – the system will begin to learn you as you go. Bonus… or creepy? You can decide.

2.    Fathom Notetaker (FREE VERSION!)
Be fully engaged in an online meeting – let AI take your notes for you. 

Bonus – your notetaker bot friend will send you a meeting synopsis when your meeting has ended!

Have you been unsuccessful in convincing the boss that new headshots are needed every time you change the color of your hair? Same… 
That’s where AI swoops in to save the day. Upload a few pictures of yourself and WALA – professional headshots. Hello, LinkedIn, it’s me – kind-of-but-not-really-fake Ellen!

AI may even be incorporated into the systems you already use. For example, Constant Contact has an email header and pre-header generator. If you’re like me and you’re tired of trying to think of something deemed “open-worthy,” let the email marketing platform AI take the wheel!

Artificial intelligence is here, whether we’re fully comfortable with it or not. Work with it, not against it. 

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