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To maximize an agency’s impact on the community, they must gain the financial support the organization needs through grants. Grants are used to further fulfill an agency’s mission so the agency can have the greatest impact on the community. 

There are three main types of grants, federal, state grants and contracts, and foundation grants. Government grants are non-repayable financial incentives given to organizations to stimulate and continue to grow the economy. State grants and contracts receive funding from the federal government, for the same purpose, to promote growth in the local economy. Foundation grants are given to small businesses and other organizations that best matches with the mission of the foundation. 

An organization can receive a grant for a wide range of reasons. There are grants for improving facilities, for example, renovating or rebuilding structures or improving the quality of a building. Many grants support social movements and programs to assist the people of the community is many ways. If it can be thought, there is a grant for it!

Applying and receiving grants is very beneficial to organizations and the community as a whole. Grants allow organizations to implement project and ideas that they would have not had the chance to do without financial assistance. Grants are a great way to increase an organization’s visibility because they allow the agency to continue to fulfill their mission within the community. In turn, this will allow an organization to gain more creditability as they spread their services to the people and other organizations in the community. Grants also have a waterfall effect, once an organization receives one, they are more likely to receive them for future project and initiatives.  

The grant lifecycle contains three parts which cover the entire process of the grant. Part one is the pre-award phase. In this phase, the organization finds the grant that best fits their needs and mission, formulate an application and submit it. Part two of the grant lifecycle is the award phase. During this short part, the agency sends the notice of award to the successful organization that applied. This allows the organization to begin to implement their plan. The last part is the post award phase and this is the longest of all the phases. This part contains the implementation of the grant program or project. Also, included in this phase is the reporting and audits, so they can provide the proper information about the overall status of the program. 

Grants benefit organizations by providing funding for programs and projects to allow them to achieve their mission and support the community. Supporting the community benefits individuals, families and businesses by providing opportunities to connect and reach goals. 

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