The Nonprofit Partnership's Comedy Campaign

April is National Humor Month (and we’re not foolin’ ya)!

Nonprofit professionals often work very hard and in tough fields – if anyone deserves (ahem, *needs*) a laugh, it’s our nonprofit friends! That’s why we decided it’s the perfect time for a Comedy Campaign (forget the Capital Campaign for a few minutes…). Please join us in soliciting some giggles from our friends and colleagues.

Submissions will be taken during the entire month of April. Please email your submission to NPP’s Ellen Kehl at

Criteria includes:

  • Content must be rated PG
  • If using a GIF link or an image, please share the link or image within the email so that we can share on our social networks (please note - GIF files or images that are too small will not be shared)
  • Content must be related to the nonprofit field

Oh, and what would a Comedy Campaign be without prize opportunities? A panel of judges will scrutinize submissions and choose the one with the biggest laugh factor – extremely scientific! The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card for themselves and NPP will provide a $25 donation to their nonprofit of choice… win/chuckle/win! The winner will be announced May 1, 2019.

Want so see what's been submitted so far? Click here!


Need inspiration? Check out some examples below:

Sitting in a meeting that could have (and should have been) an email:

After accidentally agreeing to go to happy hour with the interns:

Continuing to use Excel to maintain donor information when you know there are comprehensive and fairly-priced databases available:

Reviewing a federal grant application like:

When the solution to your organization's staffing shortage is - "let's get an intern":

When the auditors show up:

When there's leftover food for the staff to pick from after a fabulously catered Board meeting:

When the Board Chair has to address the zealous Board Member who dominates Board meetings:

The nonprofit with no paid staff sets their 2020 fundraising goal: 

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