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Master Your Nonprofit Numbers

Build Your Financial Foundation

Are you looking to improve your understanding of your nonprofit's financials? Are you tired of sitting in trainings that are marketed for novices but still somehow are over your head (chill with the jargon, finance nerds)? We have the perfect opportunity for the non-finance leader of a nonprofit organization!

Get ready... it's time to Master Your Nonprofit Numbers!

Course breakdown - 

  1. Build Your Financial Foundation
    1. Tools for a Paperless Finance Department
    2. Build Your Best-in-Class Finance Team
    3. Create a Monthly Finance Routine
  2. Use Your Numbers as a Management Tool
    1. Budgeting: Creating Your Financial Roadmap
    2. Cash Flow: Gain Insight and Control of Your Cash
    3. Create Your Revenue Strategy
    4. Financial Reporting: Make Smarter Decisions Based on New Insights
    5. Manage Your Restricted Funding Like a CPA
  3. Share Your Financials to Grow Your Impact
    1. Ace Your Annual Audit
    2. 990 and Compliance: Ensure Your Org is Compliant
    3. Board Finance and Governance Duties

Review the syllabus here.

Your program registration includes -

  • Master Your Nonprofit Numbers online course access ($497 value)
    • 10+ extremely useful downloadable templates and checklists
    • 4+ hours of educational content via video OR audio
  • [In-Person] Applied Learning Workshop registration for Monday, August 5th from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM (location - The Erie Community Foundation Campus, Erie, PA)
    • Join other course participants to deep dive into the course content. We'll convene to learn how to build a strong financial foundation for growth and impact, answer questions, workshop through real-world scenarios, and enjoy lunch!
  • Upon completion - a Certificate plus a LinkedIn badge

Ready to dive in?

Register now!

Registration will close Friday, July 26th. Once registered, participants will be added to the Master Your Nonprofit Numbers course hub. Please ensure you're able to join us for our [In-Person] Applied Learning Workshop on August 5th, as well. 

  • Member pricing: $325.00
  • Non-member pricing: $425.00

Meet Stephanie

If we don’t know each other yet, I’m Stephanie Skryzowski, a visionary Chief Financial Officer that has been helping leaders get clear on their numbers so they grow their nonprofits to massive heights for well over a decade.

I’m the Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting which provides CFO strategy and bookkeeping services to nonprofits around the world in many different impact areas.

We speak numbers. But we also speak nonprofit and building a sustainable organization, so we try to make everything we teach approachable and actionable, especially if you aren’t a numbers person.

I’m obsessed with goals (Enneagram 3 here!). Setting them, achieving them, and celebrating with you when YOU achieve them too.

I am SO passionate about using your numbers as a tool to bring your big vision to life. I believe that knowing how to make smart decisions so you can more effectively manage and use the money you raise will help you deepen your impact on the world.

The Nonprofit Partnership's offices at The Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Transformational Philanthropy are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Phone 814.240.2490