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Professional Fundraising Network

Join the Professional Fundraising Network (PROFUND) today!


The Professional Fundraising Network (PROFUND), established by the inaugural 501(c)(3) Community cohort of fundraisers from The Nonprofit Partnership, is an online community committed to connecting and empowering development professionals within the nonprofit sector.

PROFUND serves as a collaborative platform where fundraising professionals of varying experience levels come together. It's a unique space where members:

  • Share Successes and Lessons Learned
  • Engage in Collaborative Growth
  • Expand Knowledge and Skills
  • Network with Peers
  • Discover and Share Events
  • And more!

Joining the Community

Eligibility to join this vibrant and resourceful community includes:

  • Being a Fundraising Professional: Members should be actively engaged in fundraising with a nonprofit organization.
  • Serving the Northwest PA Region: The community focuses on enhancing the fundraising landscape in Northwest PA.
  • Affiliation with The Nonprofit Partnership: Membership is open to individuals working with organizations that are part of The Nonprofit Partnership network.

Elevate Your Fundraising Journey

By joining PROFUND, members become part of a community reshaping the future of nonprofit fundraising. It's a place for collaboration, growth, and innovation, aimed at creating a greater impact.

The Nonprofit Partnership's offices at The Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Transformational Philanthropy are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Phone 814.240.2490