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Connect with a Consultant

Members-only benefit: free consultations with trusted experts!



Members of The Nonprofit Partnership are able to take advantage of FREE 30 minute consultations via the consultant links below!

Not sure which consultant makes sense for you and your organization? Please feel free to reach out to NPP Executive Director, Adam Bratton - he will lead you in the right direction.

Are you a consultant looking to join this volunteer force? Please email Adam to discuss!

*Please note - The Nonprofit Partnership merely aims to act as a connector between wonderful consultants and our members. Your conversations are confidential once connected.

  • Adam can help nonprofits with:

    - Governance
    - Fundraising
    - Leadership/Management
    - Collaborations
    - Connecting you with a consultant that makes sense for your needs

  • Anthony Chiarelli and Preston Carney can assist nonprofits with:

    - Planned/Alternative Giving Strategies
    - Group Retirement Plans
    - Comprehensive Financial Planning
    - Financial Education
    - Investment Management
    - Endowment Funds

  • Ben and OneBridge Benefits can help nonprofits with:

    - Unique ways to strengthen recruitment and retention with their benefits offerings.

  • Bob and the Strategic Path team can help nonprofits with:

    Employee Level:
    - Basic financial rules-of-thumb
    - Resources to learn themselves and also give to the people they serve
    - FEC (Financial Empowerment Centers) partnership to get people back on track financially

    Employer Level:
    - Analyze the current retirement platform
    - Analyze the aspects of the plan (product, funds, fees, and committee documentation)
    - Suggest processes to minimize fiduciary liability to the executive directors and boards

  • Brandon & PPF can assist with:

    - Operations at a 501(c)(3) through Fiscal Sponsorship
    - IRS Compliance
    - Customer service and adherence to best philanthropic practices
    - Grant application support
    - Financial bookkeeping services

  • Casie can help nonprofit executives create harmonious working environments by:

    - Coaching conversation skills from executives to entry-level employees
    - Training nonverbal and verbal communication skills
    - Training social and emotional intelligence skills
    - Offering HRDQ What's My Communication Style? assessment
    - Offering ISEI Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile assessment

  • Cathy can help with:

    - Verifying your nonprofit is up to date with compliance requirements
    - Reducing the risk of cyber security, working with your team to protect your nonprofit
    - Your Microsoft Tenant - getting you the appropriate nonprofit licensing
    - Providing day to day maintenance - planning and executing technology

  • Chris can help nonprofits with:

    - Social media strategy
    - Social media content
    - Social media auditing
    - Content marketing
    - Video marketing
    - Podcasting

  • Court can help nonprofits with:

    - Project management
    - Strategic planning
    - Sustainable development/triple bottom line practices
    - Group facilitation
    - Funder relations
    - Professional coaching

  • Debbie and MPB can help nonprofits with:

    - Audit, Review, and Compilation services
    - Part-time CFO services
    - Bookkeeping and accounting services
    - Consulting services including:
    o Budgeting
    o Forecasting
    o Staff training
    o Financial statement preparation
    o Preparation for an upcoming audit
    o QuickBooks
    - Payroll services
    - 990 and BCO-10 preparation

  • Debra can help nonprofits with:

    - Strategic and Business Planning
    - Public and Stakeholder Engagement
    - Education and Support around the Standards for Excellence® (best practices for nonprofits)
    - Market Research (needs assessment, customer satisfaction, employee engagement)
    - Board Governance and Restructuring Support
    - Program Development and Implementation Support
    - Major Gifts Consulting and Capital Campaign Counsel
    - Program Evaluation

  • Ellen can help nonprofits with:

    - Canva for Nonprofits
    - Website tips and tricks
    - Email marketing tips and tricks
    - General friendship and sarcasm

  • Emma can help nonprofits with:

    - Strategic guidance for nonprofits in transition
    - Fundraising support for organizations looking to augment their revenue
    - Assessment and planning to help move your nonprofits’ mission forward

  • Erin can help nonprofits with:

    - Research and write grants
    - Assist with budget and narrative preparation
    - Assist with grant reporting
    - Facilitate Design Thinking projects

  • Jacqui can help nonprofits with:

    - Strategic Planning
    - Market Research (needs assessment, customer satisfaction, employee engagement)
    - Board Governance and Restructuring Support
    - Program Development and Program Evaluation
    - Education and support around the Standards for Excellence® (best practices for nonprofits)
    - Data analysis and turning data into meaningful information

  • Jeff can help nonprofits with:

    - Re-positioning the organization to both survive and grow post Covid 19
    - Developing a comprehensive fundraising plan
    - Capital Campaign counsel
    - Feasibility Studies
    - Development Audits/Program Reviews
    - Serving as an interim Chief Fundraising Officer or Executive Director
    - Major Gifts counsel
    - One-on-one strategic advisement
    - Annual Fund counsel
    - Board Relations/Communications
    - Developing Fundraising Policies and Procedures

  • Jenny can help nonprofits with:

    - Brand Development
    - Graphic Design Services
    - Ad Awareness Campaigns
    - Strategic Marketing Roadmaps (Plans) & Marketing Measuring
    - Fractionalized Marketing Director

  • Joe Lantz and Shorebridge can help nonprofits with:

    - Asset Allocation Guidance
    - Investment Policy Statement Consulting
    - Spending Policy Analysis and Development
    - Portfolio Management
    - 401(k) and 403(b) advisement
    - Fiduciary process guidance and education
    - Board/Investment Committee Education
    - Socially Responsible Investing Education and Implementation
    - Identifying Vehicles for Gifting Assets
    - Personal Wealth Planning and Investment Management

  • Marcus can help nonprofits with:

    - (DEI) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
    - Educational Trainings
    - Mission & Vision Recalibration strategies
    - Strategic planning and implementation
    - - Strategic alliance analysis
    - Collaboration & sustainability strategies
    - Donor relations strategies
    - Leadership and organizational development

  • Matthew Gordon and Davevic/Acrisure can help nonprofits with:

    - Technology Driven Employee Benefit Solutions
    o Group Products and Service Expertise
    o Benefits Administration – Online Technology
    o TPA Services (COBRA, HRA, FSA, HSA)
    o Compliance Services
    o HR Services
    o ICHRA’s
    o Medicare and Individual Insurance

  • Matt can help nonprofits with:

    - Employee benefit cost analysis
    - Total Rewards benefit Strategies
    - Benchmarking and trends analysis
    - Multigenerational Workforce analysis
    - Cost containment strategies
    - Employee contribution structures
    - Benefit design risk vs reward reporting
    - Risk improvement plans
    - Long term employee benefit risk management strategies
    - Vendor assessments

  • Mike can help nonprofits with:

    - Web site design, writing, development
    - Web site management of existing site (plugin updating, software updates, backups, etc.)
    - Accessibility
    - Content Strategy
    - Search engine optimization
    - Website analytics, tracking and reporting

  • Rachel can help nonprofits with:

    - Researching and Finding Grants
    - Writing Grants
    - Grant Review
    - Using the Foundation Directory Online and Guidestar

  • Stephanie & 100 Degrees Consulting can help nonprofits with:

    - Budget development
    - Cash flow forecasting
    - Audit preparation and support
    - Revenue and expense projections
    - Financial reporting for leadership, boards, donors
    - Accounting and bookkeeping
    - 990 preparation

  • Steve and the Carter team can help nonprofits with:

    - Fundraising
    - Organizational Planning
    - Governance

  • Steven can help nonprofits with:

    - Retirement Planning for Individuals and Businesses (including 403(b) / 401(k))
    - Personalized Financial Consultation and 4 Cornerstone Approach
    - Business Succession and Individual Estate Planning
    - Insurance Solutions (Term/Permanent) for Protection and Planning
    - Tax Management for Investments
    - Risk Management and Protection Strategies
    - Education Funding Options
    - Employee and Executive Benefits Services
    - Comprehensive Financial Mapping Service

  • Susan can help nonprofits with:

    - Planning - towards a vision, for programs, for a change
    - Creating leadership across the organization
    - Succession planning
    - Conflict management and communication
    - Liberatory organizational structures

  • Ted can help nonprofits with:

    - Capital, major gift and comprehensive campaigns
    - The major gifts component of an annual gifts program
    - Campaign feasibility studies
    - Nonprofit fundraising audit

  • Trina can help nonprofits with:

    - Vision, Mission and Strategic Planning
    - Leadership and Team Development
    - Improving Meetings and Communications
    - Board Governance and Board Development
    - Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

  • Wendy and Stephanie can help nonprofits with:

    - Consulting Engagements
    - Interim leadership/ED
    - Coaching
    - Training
    - Governance and Board Development
    - Online community of nonprofit leaders

The Nonprofit Partnership's offices at The Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Transformational Philanthropy are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Phone 814.240.2490