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Medicare 101

Thursday, May 2, 2024
10:00 am11:00 am
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Please join The Nonprofit Partnership and Michael Johnson, Director of Medicare and Individual Insurance with Davevic Benefit Consultants, for a “Medicare 101” webinar on May 2 at 10 a.m.

This presentation will be an education-only event, aiming to provide an overview of Medicare. The agenda will include a high level overview of federal Medicare, what to do when working beyond age 65, an overview of various types of private insurance options, and prescription drug coverage. Medicare evaluations are completely individualized which is why no specific plans should be discussed during an educational event; but rather to provide the current or future Medicare beneficiaries with an overview and generate questions for their Medicare Advisor.

Learning objectives include:
- Understanding what is provided by federal Medicare
- What to know if you plan on working beyond age 65
- Understanding Medigap plans and Medicare Advantage plans
- How prescription coverage works within Medicare plans

This webinar is geared toward:
- This webinar is geared towards anyone 60 or older or any individual that helps a family member or friend with their Medicare coverage and would like a greater understanding of federal Medicare, and how private insurance carrier plans work alongside Medicare.
- Additionally, this webinar is relevant for nonprofit leaders and human resources professionals who require Medicare knowledge to support their teams.

More about Michael:
Michael Johnson was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. He attended Eastern University, outside of Philadelphia, and graduated with a degree in Accounting. After moving back to Grove City, he joined Davevic in 2010, and has served as the Director of Individual and Medicare Services over that 14 year time frame. Michael’s time with Davevic has provided him the ability to develop relationships with his many clients, which is the most rewarding part of his daily work. At home, he and his wife have two children, and are always running to sporting events or dance practices.

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