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Recharge Retreat: Own the Room - Stand Out, Speak with Confidence, and Achieve Your Goals

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
12:00 pm1:00 pm

Celebrate Nonprofits Week: Recharge Retreat
Please join The Nonprofit Partnership on Wednesday, June 26th at 12 p.m. for the Recharge Retreat session, Own the Room: Stand Out, Speak with Confidence, and Achieve Your Goals, featuring Linda Holman.

Are you tired of being talked over, stepped on, and seeing your ideas go unrecognized? It's time to take charge and truly own the room.

Join Linda Root Holman of Root Discovery in this empowering webinar designed for you to stand out, speak with confidence, and get the results you want.

In "Own the Room" you will discover key strategies that will empower you to command attention in every space you enter.

This is for you if you've ever left a meeting:

Feeling deflated because your voice wasn't heard,
Encountered snide comments that lingered throughout the day, or
Felt talked over, talked down to, or dismissed.
Gain valuable skills to confidently read the room, take control, and leave a lasting impact. As a special bonus, each attendee will receive an Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment to harness the power of conflict with confidence.

Don't miss this timely opportunity to transform the way you present yourself and navigate professional spaces. It's time to own the room and get the results you want.

RSVP is required. Zoom access will be sent closer to the event date.

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