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Comedy Campaign

Comedy Campaign 2020

The Nonprofit Partnership's Comedy Campaign

April 2020 Submissions

Below, you will find the 2020 Comedy Campaign submissions. Wishing you happy giggles - you deserve it!

2020 SUBMISSION WINNER: Everyone fits into one of these quarantine stereotypes - which one are you?

Doubling the cocktail recipe because it’s Friday… I think?

I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids... PLEASE SEND HELP!

Where did the office’s TP go, you ask? No idea.

When you finally get back to the office and someone coughs near your workspace… I think NOT!

Please... DO NOT drink the Purell!

When your dedicated family shopper can’t seem to get it right…

Here's to hoping your virtual meetings don't go like this one:

Working from home - what will actually be happening:

Working from home with pets - what will actually be happening:

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