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The Journey: Leadership Training

The Nonprofit Partnership has partnered with Andy Kerr to bring members "The Journey" leadership training series. Throughout a course offering, attendees will hone essential leadership skills. Three courses have been held since the series' inception in 2017: "Foundational Leadership," "Growing in Your Leadership," and "Developing the Leaders Around You."

What attendees are saying about their experience with "The Journey" ...

“… attending this Journey has helped me open my eyes to see myself in a different light. It showed the areas that I need to improve within myself. I will continue to learn more about myself and develop my leadership skills. This has made be a better supervisor for now and the future.”

“Andy made everyone feel comfortable from the very first class. Everyone seemed interested in listening to other and I felt it was a very safe environment to share.”

Please stay tuned for 2020 information!

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