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BYOB - Bring Your Own By-Laws

Please note: As of March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Nonprofit Partnership is closed to the public.

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Bring Your Own By-Laws

This form of “BYOB” may not be as fun as the traditional meaning, but it’s still extremely important!

At The Nonprofit Partnership, we often receive inquiries regarding an organization’s by-laws. Often times, people are either looking for samples or a review to make sure they’re on track. Bring Your Own By-Laws and join Adam C. Bratton, Executive Director with The Nonprofit Partnership, for a one on one review session!  At this session, you will review the essential elements of nonprofit bylaws and understand whether or not your bylaws “meet the standards.”  This is not a legal consultation or review but an opportunity to understand the best practices related to bylaws as our guiding documents.  

Please note: this is a members only offering, one organization per session.

*A copy of your organization’s by-laws must be sent to NPP prior to the meeting. Copies of bylaws will be kept in confidence by NPP.  


Please email Ellen Kehl, Director of Member Engagement & Education, to claim a session today!


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