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Take Advantage Of $156,000 In Free Digital Advertising With The Google + Microsoft Ad Grants For Nonprofits w/ Candace Cody

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
1:00 pm2:00 pm

You’ve probably heard of the Google Ad Grant: Google provides nonprofits with $10,000/mo in free search advertising.

​You may not have heard that Microsoft recently launched their own $3,000/mo ad grant to help nonprofits rank at the top of search results across Bing, AOL,, MSN, and Microsoft Edge.

​This means right now, your nonprofit has $156,000 in free digital advertising with these grants. But how can your nonprofit access them and take advantage of the opportunity?

​Join this webinar with Emily Fisher, Google Ad Grants Area of Practice Manager and Regan Dishon, Director of Revenue at Community Boost as we de-mystify the grant opportunities and dive into the practical ways you can leverage this to drive more traffic (+ supporters) to your website.

In this 1-hour workshop, you’ll come away with:

​The ins-and-outs of the Ad Grants, and how your nonprofit can get started.

​Examples of how other nonprofits have used $156,000 in free ad spend to drive traffic + hundreds of thousands in donations.

​Top ways you can successfully leverage the Ad Grants for your nonprofit.

​Understand how Instrumentl saves you time and money in finding, tracking and managing your grants all in one place.

​All registrants will receive a recording and copy of the presentation slides after the workshop. Instrumentl is also offering every live attendee personalized grant recommendations for their nonprofit.

​NOTE: Instrumentl helps US-based 501c3s with at least a 90K operating budget, or consultants supporting such clients. If you are based internationally, you must have a US-affiliated chapter and 501c3 status to find this workshop helpful.

​Your Presenter:

​Over the last 7+ years, Candace has been dedicated to helping nonprofits grow their impact.

Today, Candace runs digital events (webinars, virtual events, and more) that provide nonprofits with the digital marketing know-how needed to reach their goals & make a greater impact.

​Don’t delay, save your spot in this grant workshop today.

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