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Do These 3 Things NOW to Guarantee Your Holiday Fundraising Success

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
2:00 pm3:00 pm

Late summer is the PERFECT time to start working on Fall and Year-End Fundraising. What you do NOW has a huge impact on what happens in a few months when it's holiday time. And if you want a huge wave of donations before New Year's Eve, there are things you must do now to pave the way for it.

In this workshop, you'll learn some simple, practical steps you can take to build relationships with donors, even if you've let things slide for the past few months. You'll learn:

How to warm up your donors and even uncover a matching gift prospect for your Year-End or Giving Tuesday campaign.
How to map out when you'll ask and what you'll ask for so you can stop shooting from the hop and instead work from a plan with full confidence that donors will give.
What a great example of a Fall ask looks like and what makes it great.
You'll learn how donor communication plays a huge role in relationships building and get my best ideas for things you can easily do now to warm donors up before Asking Season starts. You'll learn how to balance Asks with feel-good experiences, so donors don't feel over asked but are excited to support your nonprofit's work. We'll talk about creating a sense of urgency, so donors understand why they need to give NOW.

Learning objectives:

Understand the importance of donor relationships in fundraising and the importance of communications between Asks
Think about fundraising as more than just an Ask, especially during the holidays
Plan ahead for holiday fundraising, including Asks and donor experience

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