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Why Build Relationships with Grantmakers?

Thursday, August 13, 2020
1:00 pm2:00 pm
Your computer!

From the provider:

What is all the hype about relationships with grantmakers?

Why isn’t a well written proposal *enough* to get the grant award?!

Participating in “Why Build Relationships With Grantmakers” will strengthen your relationship building efforts and grant writing results in your grant seeking strategy.

In this live, interactive webinar we talk briefly about *why* relationships with grantmakers are important. We will share ways to learn if a grantmaker has the capacity to have relationships with potential grantees prior to submitting an award versus what their preference is for communication prior to an award.

We will also address the key role that your colleagues should play in the grant relationship outreach process and how to get them excited and engaged to help look for connections and make introductions to grantmakers.

What You Will Learn from this Free Nonprofit Webinar:

Why relationships with grantmakers are important.
How to learn what a grantmakers capacity is for relationships.
How to learn what a grantmakers preference is for relationships.
How to take steps to start a relationship with a grantmaker.

This Free Nonprofit Webinar is Perfect For You If…

Relationship outreach with new grantmakers is not a part of your current grant seeking process.
Relationship maintenance with current grantmakers is limited to contract requirements.
You are new to grant seeking and aren’t sure how to approach grantmaker relationships.

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