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How to Recruit and Manage Amazing Event Committees

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
3:00 pm4:00 pm
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From the provider:

It’s a fact - committees can help with almost every aspect of fundraising events, including getting auction donations, soliciting sponsorships and selling tickets. What’s not to love about a group of volunteers working as a team to make sure your organization’s event is profitable!?!

This free 60-minute webinar will take you through the process of identifying candidates for your chair position, discuss how to recruit committee members, and show you how to effectively manage your team and maximize the resources they bring to your event.

What You Will Learn from this Free Nonprofit Webinar:
- The Queen Bee Theory of Event Committees
- How your event committee is similar to a Bee Hive
- How to identify and recruit effective committees
- How to find and properly recruit your Queen Bees
- How to identify and recruit your Worker Bees
- How to turn your committee into a team
- How to Be an Effective Committee Leader
- How to use Organization, Communication & Appreciation for effective leadership
- How efficiently run your committee meetings
- How to use the right words when the wrong ideas pop up
- How to Find the Hidden Assets in Your Committee
- How to help committee members identify assets they can bring to your event
- How to give your committee the proper mindset to Ask
- How to Manage Committee Issues and Interpersonal Committee Problems
- How to identify and manage problematic personalities
- How to deal with troublesome committee situations

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