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It's a New World—How to Cultivate Your Community Online Between Fundraising Events

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
1:00 pm2:00 pm
Your computer!

From the provider:

How do you keep supporters engaged between major fundraising events? This webinar will help you change your thinking about that precious time in between! Many organizations don't make use of this time because they are in "task mode." They are not thinking about leveraging this time to cultivate relationships online. Use this time wisely and your community will be primed and ready to support your next event. This webinar will focus on the following:

Why a consistent communications plan is essential.
What donor stewardship means in an online world.
10 vital actions to cultivate a network eager to support you.
How to fire up board members, volunteers, donors and staff to fundraise every day.
How to generate loyal support beyond your event.
We guarantee you'll walk away confident in the steps you need to take to earn the trust and vigorous support of your community online.

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