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Please note: The Nonprofit Partnership is currently assessing the future/format of our 2020 Annual Conference, in light of the pandemic. Please stay tuned for updates.

We will continue to collect speaker proposals, as we are always looking to connect!

2020 Conference: Call for Speakers

The Nonprofit Partnership's 20th annual conference will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA. For our 20th year, we will discuss strategies for overcoming roadblocks to success.

Nonprofits are often faced with an array of obstacles that differ from other industries. On top of changing political climate and policy direction, nonprofits are constantly battling a fluctuation in funding priorities, issues relating to staffing (we won’t attempt to list!), program execution, and more. While working to overcome hurdles, nonprofits also must be sure to keep the eye on the prize – the fulfillment of their mission. A world free of X disease. A family with the resources it needs. Children in proper care. Animals placed in their fur-ever homes. Parks and gardens that thrive. Culture that is championed and celebrated. We really could go on… and on… and on! All this is to illustrate the full plate of a nonprofit professional.

So, won’t you join us in this important discussion? To overcome roadblocks we need to convene the thought leaders of our nonprofit world. We’re in this together and we need that extra boost that your expertise can provide. Please consider submitting a proposal to the 2020 Call for Speakers.

We’re soliciting submissions that touch on the following topics:

  • Efficiency / time management
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Advocacy
  • Green strategies
  • Fostering talent
  • Investing in staff
  • Fair and competitive compensation
  • Motivating/leading employees
  • Messaging and storytelling
  • Excellence in fundraising
  • Combating the "this is how it's always been done" mindset
  • Any topic you think would help propel a nonprofit forward in this era!

Please note: The Nonprofit Partnership is on a mission to intentionally incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into our annual conference and into our everyday work. Anyone and everyone has something to bring to the table and we want to hear what makes you so uniquely you! That’s when the magic happens and that’s when minds open. Together, we have a chance at fostering a happy and healthy nonprofit community. 

Looking to chat with a team member from The Nonprofit Partnership to learn more about the conference prior to submitting? No problem! Please email Ellen Kehl, Director of Member Engagement & Education with The Nonprofit Partnership, at

Please note: Confirmed speakers will not be compensated for their conference participation. Speakers will be granted free conference registration but will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses, if necessary. Please contact us with any questions regarding this.

Speakers must present in an educational, non-commercial, non-self-promotional manner. NO sales pitches are allowed during presentations or sessions.

Tips for a stellar submission:

  • Fill in all fields!
  • Be creative with your session topic, title and description!
  • Choose a topic that you can adequately cover in 1 hour – 1 ¼ hour.
  • Make sure you’re available on 10/27/2020.
  • Add case studies/real life examples to your discussion.
  • Add elements to your presentation that encourage engagement amongst attendees.
  • Be fun! We’re all busy trying to knock these roadblocks out of our way – our conference is an event where we can come together, learn something new, and have fun doing it.

Some common speaker FAQs:

  • Does The Nonprofit Partnership intend to push forward with the conference, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
    • We continue to keep an eye on the ever-evolving pandemic and how it affects our programming. As of March 2020, The Nonprofit Partnership is moving forward with planning for the 20th Annual Conference. We will post updates if this changes. 
  • How is the Bayfront Convention Center set-up?
    • Session rooms will be set classroom style. Each room comes equipped with a computer, internet connection, sound, clicker for advancing slides, projector, and flip-chart. There will be a dedicated room host in each session. The host is responsible for introducing the speakers, warning the speaker of impending session end, and passing out + collecting session evaluations.
  • Am I able to exhibit my business as a speaker?
    • Yes! The Nonprofit Partnership will offer a discounted exhibitor rate for speakers who are selected that are interested in exhibiting their business.
  • Will The Nonprofit Partnership print my materials?
    • No – The Nonprofit Partnership has decided to go green in 2020. We will urge all speakers to provide their presentation in PDF format post-conference so that we are able to share it with attendees.
  • Are there presentation opportunities with The Nonprofit Partnership in addition to the annual conference?
    • Absolutely! We are always looking to make new connections with thought leaders in the field. We’d love to chat about this. Feel free to reach out!
  • Can I submit more than one proposal?
    • No doubt! We're greedy – there’s never too much learning!
  • I’ve submitted/presented for/at past conferences with The Nonprofit Partnership – can I submit again?
    • Heck yeah – we love repeat offenders!
  • Have a question we didn’t cover?

Key dates:

  1. Nonprofit Day 2020 Call for Speakers opens – October 2019
  2. Call for Speakers closes – mid-April 2020
  3. Potential speakers informed of decision – late-April 2020
  4. Sessions finalized and details garnered – May 2020
  5. Registration opens – June 2020

Submit Your Proposal
Keep in mind – descriptive & catchy titles are best! The Nonprofit Partnership is happy to help you form a fitting + fun title.
Note – this can be a working idea. NPP will reach out to you to learn more and to finalize descriptions, if selected. Full descriptions will be finalized in Spring of 2020.
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