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The Nonprofit Partnership's Comedy Campaign

April 2019 Submissions

Below, you will find the 2019 Comedy Campaign submissions. Looking for 2020 contest information? Click here to learn more!

2019 SUBMISSION WINNER: When THAT co-worker greets you on Monday morning:

The feeling that you get when someone teaches you how to use CANVA:

When you're overwhelmed with projects and don't know where to start:

Ya either get it, or ya don't:

When your "I'm healthier than you" co-worker brings in a snack for the office:

When the grant application is due at midnight and it's 11:57 PM:

That one Christmas party you will never discuss again:

Celebrating a co-worker's birthday on a nonprofit budget like:

When the boss closes the office early on a Friday:

When a new nonprofit jumps on the scene with no budget / unrealistic goals / duplication of services:

When the boss asks someone to come in early / stay late:

Why did the clown donate his salary?

- It was a nice jester.

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