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Direct Support Assitant

Direct Support Assistant with L'Arche Erie, Inc.

We invite you to become an Assistant at L'Arche Erie. More than a job, we offer you an experience and an adventure that will benefit you for the rest of your life. The experience that you will live in L’Arche will change your outlook on life and on human relationships.

L’Arche Erie is a place where adults with and without intellectual disabilities live together and share friendship, building a community strengthened by faith.

We seek to create a world that welcomes difference and celebrates the unique gifts of all people, in which each person has a genuine place of belonging.

L’Arche assistants are direct support professionals trained in-house. L’Arche is unique because beyond your role as an Assistant, you are a housemate and a community member with those with disabilities. You share daily life with others with and without intellectual disabilities—eating dinner together, watching television, going to the gym or up the street for a coffee. You support each other to be in healthy relationships, to make progress in your goals, and live full and healthy lives. As a community of faith, L'Arche assistants and core members support each other to participate in the places of worship that each person chooses. The diverse faith backgrounds that assistants and core members bring to the table, strengthens L'Arche Erie's shared times of prayer.

When those with intellectual disabilities in the homes need support at doctors’ appointments, with medication administration, and with banking and shopping, assistants are trained to support them. Assistants help with the implementation of occupational, physical, and behavioral therapies and maintain records and paperwork in compliance with State regulations. You care for the homes, grocery shop, prepare meals and provide the necessary transportation for community integration.

There is no one profile of a person qualified to be a L’Arche assistant. People join us from many different backgrounds and walks of life. L’Arche Erie will provide you with the necessary training to thrive in your role, as well as on-going formation as it relates to both your role as a direct support professional and life in an intentional community.

Many L’Arche assistants live and work in L’Arche for a year or two. Some renew their commitment at the end of that time, and some build long-term home in L’Arche. This is all a part of an intentional discernment process.

We are an EOE.

Interested? Call or stop in to find out more! 814-452.2065 x 225

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