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Research Analyst - Full Time

Job Description:
JOB SUMMARY: The Research Analyst is responsible for preparing data reports used internally for various decision making within the Institution, supports and/or provides external reporting including, but not limited to, government-mandated reporting, responds to college guidebooks, and routine accreditation reports. Collects, develops, analyzes and communicates institutional data and other information to constituents throughout the university, to support and enhance informed decision-making, problem solving, strategic planning, policy development, and institutional self-assessment. Performs applied research, and designs, executes, and evaluates analytical and statistical studies and/or institutional self-assessments. Designs and manages information systems and databases to support institutional research activities. This position requires good project management and the ability to collect data from sources across the Institution. Maintains strong relationships with various departments within the Institution and coordinates special projects for the Institution in coordination with the Office of the Provost.


Performs data reduction, statistical analysis of data, and interpretation of results; prepares or participates in the preparation and presentation of formal research reports;
Prepares institutional responses to internal an/or external queries such as faculty salary surveys, employment statistics, enrollment statistics and projections;
Formulates and prepares institutional responses to internal and/or external queries and requests for institutional data and statistics on a wide range of issues;
Acquires, manipulates, develops, and maintains longitudinal data sets, verifying accuracy and consistency over time, in the context of evolving requirements regarding reporting institutional facts;
Conducts and/or assists on a wide variety of survey research efforts for the unit; participates in survey construction, development of survey instruments, and design of survey protocols and procedures;
Participates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated institutional self-assessment programs, as appropriate to the objectives of the position; provides technical support, and facilitates the integration of processes and findings into institutional planning and decision-making;
Designs, executes, analyzes, communicates, and consults on the results of ongoing and one-time analytical studies using appropriate inferential statistics.
Works with other institutional committees and staff to coordinate work and provide technical assistance, as assigned.
Produce data reports in Institutional Research to facilitate college-wide decision making and assist the College and other entities in attaining strategic and operational goals;
Preparation of summary observations about data, providing context that may be useful to understanding reports, and the compilation and submission of reports as required by government and/or accrediting bodies;
Serve as a technical resource for the extraction of data in the form of report writing and querying against LECOM’s databases;
Provide support and coordinate for regulatory activities;
Create, implement, and monitor policies regarding the collection and reporting of data;
Work collaboratively with academic personnel to conduct and oversee academic and quality assurance, including program level assessment, and institutional effectiveness;
Collaborate with faculty in the design, planning, and evaluation of student learning and program assessment projects;
Assemble possible survey questions and prepare various data reports to accurately show appropriate trends or points in time data and information;
Contribute directly to the Mission of LECOM embodying the essence of Osteopathic Principles and Practices by assisting with Institutional fundraising and participating in the LECOM Scholarship Auction;
Participate in scholarly activity so to enrich and broaden the student learning experience;
Commit to being a representative of LECOM by being actively involved in the community, including, but not limited to, serving on Boards, participating in community fundraisers and overall outreach; and
Other duties at the direction of the Director or his designee as required / needed to maintain an efficient and effective Institution.


Job Requirements:

Must possess required knowledge and be able to explain and demonstrate, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.

Ability to gather and analyze statistical data and generate reports;
Ability to apply statistical principles and processes to meet a range of information requirements;
Knowledge of SAS programming and/or other software used to manipulate, summarize, and produce reports from multiple, large, complex data sets;
Ability to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on research data and findings;
Knowledge of statistical and analytical survey instruments, protocol, and procedures;
Knowledge of large-scale data systems, definitions, and procedures;
Ability to analyze statistical data and generate reports, and design and administer survey instruments;
Ability to investigate and analyze information and draw conclusions;
Ability to plan, create, program, and manage statistical computer databases across multiple hardware and operating system platforms/environments;
Broad knowledge of database applications such as Microsoft Access and Oracle;
Broad knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, GIS/mapping, and graphics applications;
Knowledge of inferential and descriptive statistics;
Strong communication skills are essential, as well as, experience in the generation, analysis, and dissemination of data;
Extensive knowledge of integrated databases and software (Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and the statistical packages – SPSS), as well as, accurate data entry skills;
Promote evidence-based decision making across the Institution for program review, strategic planning, and policy development;
Excellent organizational skills;
Maintaining an established work schedule;
Effectively using interpersonal and communication skills including tact and diplomacy;
Effectively using organizational and planning skills, including attention to detail and follow-through;
Assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects, and demands;
Maintaining confidentiality of work-related information and materials;
Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships;
The ability to work cooperatively and collegially with others, consistent with a workplace of dignity with respect to EEO rules and regulations;
The ability to report to work as scheduled, ready to devote full attention and energy to the important work of LECOM;
The ability to accept work directives from managers and supervisors in a respectful and cooperative manner; and
The ability to be flexible to accept other duties needed/assigned for the Institution’s needs.

Education and experience equivalent to: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program required, with a master’s degree preferred. Successful experience in a professional capacity in a research environment preferred.

Salary Range: $16.00 - $20.00 per hour

Application Deadline: 11/30/2022

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