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Chief Financial Officer/Canon for Finance

The Chief Financial Officer/Canon for Finance (CFO/CFF) gives support to the work of the Bishop and to other colleagues on the staff. The CFO/CFF is to advise the Bishop and the diocesan staff on financial matters and to provide such support on those matters as is required by the Bishop or the other members of the diocesan staff.

The CFO/CFF is also responsible for the financial operations of the partnership, encompassing both dioceses. Those duties include but are not limited to:

• Serving as a financial intermediary and representative of the Bishop to internal and external individuals and groups including but not limited to diocesan treasurers, related governance boards, diocesan clergy, congregations and their members, connected financial institutions, and appropriate churchwide bodies such as the Church Pension Group

• Managing staff of the partnership’s Finance Department

• Finance Management for the Dioceses of NWPA & WNY, including:
- Analyzing and preparing financial projections to assist with strategic planning
- Preparing the diocesan budgets, including assessment/full share calculations, in conversation with the bishop, partnership staff, and related governance boards
- Reconciling diocesan bank accounts on a monthly basis
- Reviewing and issuing monthly financial reports
- Serving as staff support and representation to the Diocesan Councils, Trustees of the Diocese of WNY, and Finance and Audit Committees
- Receiving and reviewing all congregational parochial and audit reports on an annual basis
- Calculating clergy compensation packages & updating pensions on CPG Employee Roster
- Preparing the financial portion of the annual journal
- Working with outside company to complete the annual audit of the Diocesan financial records

• Administrative duties in the Dioceses of NWPA & WNY, including:
- Serving as a financial consultant/advisor to all the Diocesan congregations.
- Administering the annual renewal of the Diocesan health insurance plans.
- Assist clergy and lay employees and retirees with health insurance and pension issues.
- Work with the Diocesan chancellor regarding legal matters.

• Financial Maintenance for the Diocese of NWPA, including:
- Recording assessment income and other payments from congregations
- Take deposits to the bank on a weekly basis
- Recording operating expenses and issuing accounts payable checks on a weekly basis
- Recording endowment income and expenses on a monthly basis
- Reconcile balance sheet accounts on a monthly/quarterly basis
- Process payroll for the Diocese of NWPA and its congregations, including issuing of invoices to congregations to cover their portion of expenses
- Issue medical/life insurance invoices to congregations and retirees/surviving spouses
- Review Bishop’s bank accounts on a monthly basis
- Administering of the Clergy Assurance Funds (Widows Corp)
- Securing bids/contracts for repairs/maintenance to the physical building & grounds

• Other duties as assigned by the Bishop

• Collaborative skills – be a team player with sensitivity to the needs and working styles of others
• Communication proficiency – strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to articulate priorities and needs
• Discretion/Confidentiality – ability to be discrete and observe strict confidentiality
• Organizational Skills – self-directed, able to plan and organize effectively, and perform tasks without supervision; ability to prioritize and be attentive to deadlines; ability to handle multiple tasks at once
• Ability to deal with a variety of people and situations; attentive to the pastoral needs of visitors, callers, etc.
• Have or develop basic understanding of Episcopal Church polity, including structures, governance, ministries, and mission



Application Deadline:

July 12, 2022

Tentative Start Date:

August 15, 2022

Please e-mail Vanessa Butler at to apply.

The Episcopal Dioceses of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania represent a new kind of agreement for Episcopal dioceses – established as separate entities in two different states, we are collaborating, sharing staff, combining resources, and partnering in ministry. All of this is with a purpose: to enhance our ability to live into God’s mission for us and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this region, which stretches up to Lake Ontario and a stone’s throw from Canada, south through the Buffalo metro region, Lake Chautauqua, and the Allegheny National Forest, along the shores of Lake Erie, and westward to the Ohio border. We encompass cities, suburbs, college towns, small communities, and just about everything in between, with nearly 90 congregations and multiple mission-focused endeavors.

We are one church. Bishop Sean Rowe serves as bishop of both dioceses, in a shared arrangement that began in 2018 and is slated for review in 2024. More than 100 clergies and staff serve in the combined dioceses, helping us witness to God’s love, mercy, and justice in this region and beyond.

The Nonprofit Partnership's offices at The Susan Hirt Hagen Center for Transformational Philanthropy are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Phone 814.240.2490