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Marcus can help nonprofits with:

  • (DEI) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
    • Educational Trainings 
    • Mission & Vision Recalibration strategies
    • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Strategic alliance analysis 
  • Collaboration & sustainability strategies
  • Donor relations strategies
  • Leadership and organizational development

A little more about Marcus:

Marcus spent over a decade in Atlanta, GA where he earned a bachelor's degree in Business from Clayton State University. During that time in the south, he immersed himself in political and community organizing - a priceless experience that would shape his worldview for years to come as evinced by his multiple African-American "firsts" in the faith, business and political arenas.

A native of Erie, PA and a graduate of Strong Vincent, Marcus embarked on a journey of service since returning to his hometown in 2005. His desire to impact future generations has made him one of the most impassioned advocates for Erie’s citizens; its youth in particular.

His keen community insight developed as a result of being a societal bridge between multiple racial, ethnic, socio-economic and faith communities in Greater Erie. This unique offering is the primary reason that his voice and his counsel has been sought out to participate on boards and in strategic sessions aimed at moving Erie forward.

Learn more about Marcus and M. Atkinson & Associates here.

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